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[click: Albatrocity] Albatrocity An atrocity that hangs around the neck of the perpetrator like an albatross. 1   2
[click: Alph-Alfa Male] Alf-Alpha Male The highest-ranking male member of a group who perceives himself to be the dominant male but is actually a wimp and a coward (e.g., George W. Bush).   See also Adolpha Male.  
[click: Anti-Gay Old Party] Anus 'N' Annie Bush and Coulter, who believe that sexual orientation is a matter of choice and that homosexuals are deviants who can be "reformed."   See also Little Effin' Annie and The Queer Hunter. 1   2
[click: Axis of Med-Evil] Axis Of Med-Evil Alliance of Big Pharma, Insurance, AMA, GOP, and Blue Dogs intent on stopping universal healthcare.  
[click: Blame Duck] Blame Duck President A lame duck president who blames others for his miserable failures. 1   2
[click: Bleader] Bleadership Leadership that fosters war, bloodshed, and destruction.   See also Bush Iraq. 1   2
[click: Boothers] Boothers Radical right-wing movement dedicated to bringing down President Obama by stoking racism and fear.  
[click: Cadre Shack] Caddy Shank The story of a dimwitted greenskeeper's futile attempts to kill an elusive gopher wreaking havoc on the golf course at the Bushwood Country Club.  
[click: Oilwellian] Casus Belli Flop A false justification for going to war resulting in utter failure. 1   2
[click: Chicken Of Democrasea] Chicken Of Democracy George W. Bush, wartime president and misleader of the free world.   See also Chicken Of D.C. 1
[click: Chicken Hawk Down] Chickenhawk Down The true story of George W. Bush's disastrous debacle of a presidency.  
[click: Chimp Off The Old Block] Chimp Off The Old Block A chimp that closely resembles its father in character or appearance (e.g., Bush 41 and Bush 43).  
[click: Chimp Pansy] Chimp Pansy A wimp/chimp who hides behind bluff and bravado.  
[click: Chimpken Hawk] Chimpkenhawk A coward who engages in aggressive displays of chest-thumping and saber-rattling, who supports sending others to war all the while having avoided military service himself.  
[click: Condi Man] Condi Man The story of a delusional president living in a fantasy world of spin. 1
[click: Cower Glass] Cower Glass An hourglass that measures how much time it takes Hesitant Bush to respond to a crisis.  
[click: Boy George] Culture Of Corruption Club Boy George's corrupt group of conservative cronies. 1
[click: DC Madman] D.C. Madman Dick Cheney, insane Vice President who manipulated and fabricated evidence in the case for war with Iraq and who is now looking for excuses to nuke Iran.  
[click: Dean Toons] Deanominator Howard Dean, his mission to defend democracy against the fascist neo-cons.   See also Version 2.  
[click: Devoid] Devoid The word that best describes Bush's leadership. 1
[click: Dr StrangeRove Dr. Strangerove Karl Rove, the mad architect who orchestrates the fascist policies of the Bush regime.  
[click: Downing Street Mammo] DSM The Downing Street Mammo, a document that revealed Bush's nefarious intentions to invade Iraq.  
[click: Duct Soup] Duct Soup The story of a nation in dire financial straits taken over by an inept leader who turns that nation into a fascist dictatorship and creates a bogus casus belli to wage war against another country.  
[click: Edugation] Edugation Enlightenment on homosexuality; setting straights straight about gays and lesbians (also Edifigation, Clarifigation). 1   2
[click: New Electoral Map] Electoral Map, Black And White v. Rainbow States A new version of the electoral map replacing the red state/blue state paradigm.  
[click: Flea-Bag Republicans] Flea-Bag Republicans Sleazy, debilitated, blood-sucking Republicans.  
[click: Fool Mental Jackass] Fool Mental Jackass The story of a dim-witted, incompetent war president who completely bungles the war on terror, making America less safe and causing immeasurable damage to its reputation and credibility around the world.  
[click: FOX Spews Channel] Fox Spews/Fox Fuse The number one cable gopaganda network in America. 1
[click: Gitmobile] Gitmobile The Bush Presidential Library Bookmobile (for those who can't visit Gitmo, Gitmo will come to you). 1   2
[click: Goop Slime] GOOP Acronym for Grand Old Obsolete Party. Fittingly, it is the party of slime and smear.   See also Muck Starts Here. 1
[click: GOOP Busters] GOOPBUSTERS Team of top leaders in the Democratic Party who combat the smear tactics of the GOP slime machine, known as The GOOP.  
[click: GOPstapo Braunie] GOPstapo Tactics The Gestapo tactics of the Bush administration, such as denial of due process, warrantless surveillance, torture, rendition, and internment.  
[click: Grand Old Potty] Grand Old Potty The GOP. 1
[click: Hangry Republican] Hangry Republican A Republican who directs his (h)anger at women over the right to choose; that is,a Republican who is angry over Roe v. Wade, who is hostile to a woman's reproductive rights.  
[click: Hesitant Bush] Hesitant Bush Commander-In-Grief, whose hesitation in the face of national crises and natural disasters exposed his utter incompetence. 1
[click: Homefield Security] Homefield Security Maintaining an even playing field for both sides in the war on terror. 1
[click: Ignominy Me] Ignominy Me A GOPprobrious appellation for George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States.  
[click: Ignorance Of Arabia] Ignorance Of Arabia Ignorant of the history and culture of the Middle East, George W. Bush invades Iraq, inflaming the entire region and making America even more vulnerable to terrorism.  
[click: Iraqi Horror Show] Iraqi Horror Show The story of how George W. Bush and Dick Cheney got us stuck in a bloody quagmire in Iraq.  
[click: JAILS] JAILS Starring George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Bill Frist, Tom DeLay, Bob Ney, Jack Abramoff, Duke Cunningham, and Scooter Libby.  
[click: JOP] JOP The Jobs Obstruction Party, formerly the GOP. 1
[click: Lane-Brain Republican] Lane-Brain Republican A Republican with lane brain notions about women's reproductive rights. A narrow-minded Republican. A Republican pinhead.  
[click: Leakers] Leakers Bush, Cheney, Rove, and many others in the administration. 1
[click: Mell Zilla] Mell Zilla Prehistoric monster that wreaks havoc on the political world.  
[click: Must Nazi TV] Must Nazi TV The FOX News Channel, a reich-wing propaganda outfit.  
[click: Neo-Kongs Neo-Kongs The warmongering fascist wing of the GOP, led by their Commander-In-Chimp, George W. Bush. 1
[click: Nosetra Dumbass] Nosetra Dumbass George W. Bush, who has the uncanny ability to be wrong in all his predictions.  
[click: NRA] NRA The National Railway Association, a powerful lobby group. 1
[click: Numb, Life Goes On] Numb And Numb-er The story of the callous indifference to the suffering of others by George W. Bush and his mother, Barbara Bush.  
[click: Origin Of Specious] Origin Of The Specious In 2000, the Supreme Court's specious ruling resulted in the selection of George W. Bush as president.  
[click: Pacifixion, Doveside Down] Pacifixion Crucifixion of the pacifist. 1
[click: Palinoid Ditzophrenia] Palinoid Ditzophrenia Chronic boob disorder characterized by stupidity and incompetence, named after ditzy Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  
[click: Potus Operandi] Potus Goperandi The politics of personal destruction practiced by Republican presidents. 1
[click: Rebiblicans] Rebiblicans The drooling fundamentalist wing of the Republican Party.  
[click: Repubstricken Party] Repubstricken Party The GOP, dejected and dysfunctional.  
[click: Reputenation] Reputenation A country's reputation around the world. 1
[click: Shankri-La] Shankri-La Refers to the presidency of George W. Bush, who like a golfer shanking the ball, took the country in the wrong direction.   See also More Golf War Toons. 1
[click: Shrek And Awe] Shrek And Awe Starring George W. Bush as "The Futile Lord."  
[click: Shrubdown] Shrubdown The application of pressure to certain parts of the body in order to elicit information from the subject.  
[click: Sleazy Rider] Sleazy Rider The story of two corrupt Reichers who set out to destroy America and the world.  
[click: Sober-Rattling] Sober-Rattling Making an aggressive effort to pursue peace. 1
[click: Stomp Speech, Freedom March] Stomp Speech A speech in which the president declares that freedom is on the march, all the while trampling on civil liberties.   See also Bush Constitution. 1
[click: Stopgop Measures] Stopgop Measures Measures taken to foil Republican attempts to erode Constitutional rights.     See alternate version. 1   2
[click: Ten-Pin Dictator] Ten-Pin Dictator A harsh, despotic ruler whose anti-choice policies force women into back alleys. 1
[click: Torquing Heads] Torquing Heads Spin doctors, pundits, and other media and political figures who spin the facts or twist the truth.  
[click: Treason D'Etre] Treason D'Etre A justification for committing treason. 1
[click: Uncle Sim] Uncle Sim An iconic figure personifying the Neo-Kong Nation, led by its Commander-In-Chimp, George W. Bush.  
[click: Vietnambien Syndrome] Vietnambien Syndrome Sleepwarring/Sleepwarking (that is, sleepwalking towards or through war with delusions of inevitable or imminent victory reminiscent of Vietnam). 1   2
[click: Wardtime Prez, Fright Watchman] Wardtime President A president who turns America into a police state via warrantless domestic wiretaps, warrantless searches and seizures, suspension of habeas corpus, secret military tribunals, and indefinite detention of citizens without charge. 1
[click: Dubya, MD] WMD Dubya, MD ... weapon of mass destruction/dictatorship. 1
[click: Yeppy] Yeppy A dittohead, a devoted listener of Rush Limbaugh who agrees with everything he spouts.  
[click: Yepublicans] Yepublicans Republican leaders who enforce uniformity in thinking, who make certain everyone in the party is on the same page.  
[click: Yep-Yeps] Yep-Yeps Republicans who blindly agree with their party's rhetoric and to whom independent thought is alien.  

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