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[click: Abhor Shun] Abhor Shun A medikill procedure performed by doctors with a defetus attitude. 1   2   3   4
[click: Agender Diversity] Agender Diversity Broadening the liberal agenda of diversity to include the family. 1   2   3   4   5
[click: Ann Kind] Ann Kind A race of conservative women renowned for their strong convictions, superior intellect, and rhetorical brilliance. 1
[click: Bama Booey] Bama Booey Buffoon president.  
[click: Barackett Obama] Barackett Obama Indecisive president who straddles the fence on a number of issues, including DOMA and DADT.  
[click: Bill's Balls] Bill's Balls The true story of the Cumback Kid.  
[click: Bitextual] Bitextual Equivocal; one who flip-flops/gives flip service to the issues; also one who sends she-mail. 1
[click: Bjork Obama] Bjork Obama Fledgling president whose inexperience and indecisiveness have put our nation at great risk.  
[click: Constitushun] Constitushun A document not fully understood or appreciated by liberals. 1
[click: Crats] Crat Fight Infighting among Democrats.  
[click: Deanuts] Deanuts Followers of Howard Dean.  
[click: Dembracist] Dembracist One who embraces only those minorities who toe the Democrat line; a liberal racist; (pronounced DEM-bruh-sist). 1
[click: Demobrats] Demobrats AKA Nee-Jerk Liberals. 1
[click: Dexy Chicks] Dexy Chicks A subversive female country music group.  
[click: Diaplomacy] Diaplomacy Respecting, embracing, working with our mortal enemies, consulting with them before making important decisions. (aka Diaper Diplomacy) 1
[click: Disgraceland] Disgraceland The Clinton Presleydential Library. 1
[click: Ebomics] Ebomics The true language of Barack, folks. 1
[click: Fakakta-Bama] Fakakta-Bama Moonbat President of the United States.  
[click: Feminemism] Feminemism Misogynistic and pornographic degradation of women in popular culture begot by the promotion of sexual liberation as a form of free expression. 1
[click: Fetals Butch Cover] Fetals A group of pro-abortion feminists whose impact on American culture was profound.  
[click: Flaccidental President] Flaccidental President A president whose miserable failures stem from an inability to take decisive action. 1
[click: Give Chants A Rest] Give Chants A Rest The counter-mantra to the "Give Peace A Chance" rally cry, mocking it and all the other tired anti-war slogans chanted by the left.   Alt. Version 1   2
[click: Gliberal] Gliberal A liberal with a facile tongue.  
[click: Hippocrats] Hippocrats The party of hypocrisy. 1
[click: Homeland Advantage] Homeland Advantage Why Democrats would rather fight them over here than over there.   Alt. Version 1
[click: IcaRuss Feingold IcaRuss Feingold Pompous liberal senator from Wisconsin; the epitome of left-wing hubris.  
[click: Kohn Heads] Kohn Heads John Kerry and his wife Teresa.  
[click: Lemocrats] Lemocrats AKA Castronauts or Moonbats. 1
[click: Limocrats] Limocrats Limousine liberals. 1
[click: Mao-Coms] Mao-Coms AKA Demaocrats; left-wing version of the Neo-Cons. 1
[click: Meer Crats] MeerCrats The Party of Burrow and Spend.  
[click: Michael Traitor Moore] Michael Traitor Moore A subversive filmmaker.  
[click: MSNVC] MSNVC Extreme left-wing propaganda outlet, posing as a news network, that envies FOX News' ratings.  
[click: MonteSchumer] MonteSchumer Senator from N.Y., AKA Upchuck Schumer.  
[click: NRA] NRA A powerful lobby group. 1
[click: Obamao] Obamao Jeerman of the Republic. 1   2   3
[click: Oppressame Street] Oppressame Street The American street turned "Arab street" if we have to fight them here instead of over there.  
[click: Osama Bin Rodham, War On Terry] Osama Bin Rodham America's greatest domestic threat. 1
[click: Pacifisticuffs] Pacifisticuffs Approach to conflict that rejects use of military force and views appeasement as first, last and only resort.   Alt. Version 1
[click: Politix] Politix The red state/blue state phenomenon. 1
[click: Recounterculture] Recounterculture The '60s counterculture transformed. 1
[click: Saddam Family] Saddam Family Ward Churchill, Ramsey Clark, Janeane Garofalo, John Kerry, Michael Moore, and Nancy Pelosi.  
[click: Sane-Sex Marriage] Sane-Sex Marriage Marriage between a man and a woman. 1
[click: Self-Righteous Bros] Self-Righteous Brothers Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden. 1
[click: Sick Willy] Sick Willy Bill Clinton, whore wrangler and cowpoker. 1
[click: Smear America] Smear America A liberal talk-radio network. 1
[click: Starky The Stork] Starky The Stork Defender of life and deliverer of the stork truth. 1   2
[click: Taliband Of Brothers] Taliband Of Brothers Kerry's cohorts.  
[click: Thrall Street] Thrall Street Story of the Democrat Party's efforts to make the people less self-reliant and more dependent on government.  
[click: Tin Hat, Peace Thimble] Tin Hat, Peace Thimble Device worn on either the head or thumb by crazy conspiracy theorists and pablum-puking peace activists.   Alt. Version  
[click: Triengulate] Triengulate To adopt or include ideas from both ends of the political spectrum, that is, the left ... and the far left. 1   2
[click: Turtle-Dove] Turtle-Dove A naive pacifist.   Alt. Version 1
[click: Two Vermin] Two Vermin Bill and Hillary.  
[click: U.A.S.S.] U.A.S.S. A group of pro-Saddam liberal celebrities.   See also Oui R The World 1
[click: Uncle Osama] Uncle Osama America's greatest foreign threat. 1
[click: Unclear Family] Unclear Family Family unit comprising same-sex parents. 1
[click: USA] USA Usama States Of Arabia, founded in 2009 when the Democrat Party retook the White House.  
[click: Veto Gorleone] Veto Gorleone Rejected presidential candidate and former Vice President.  
[click: Vetting Singer] Vetting Singer Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy.  

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