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Flip Flop, I supported Iraq
Gave the president the green light

Ketchup then I'm gonna surpass Shrub
The nomination's in my sight

Well I got out of the limo, put my finger to the wind
I wrapped the flag around me and then I got right back in
And so Flip Flop, I went back on Iraq
Well how was I to know Howard Dean was catching on

I was a flippin' and a floppin'
Waverin' and a wafflin'
Switchin' and debatin'
Always alternating, yeah

See Saw, I oppose the war,
Yes I'm taking another stance
Well a Zig Zag I'm gettin' jet lag
Left T Dubya A for Air France

There was leave no child and NAFTA too
And next I'm gonna raise taxes on you
Well a Flip Flop, pro-lifers I will block
Unless I hear from Carol Mosley Braun

Gore knows I was flippin' and a floppin'
I was waverin' and a wafflin'
I was switchin' and debatin'
I was always alternating
I was waverin' and a wafflin'
Switchin' and debatin'
Flip Flop

Sung to Splash Splash by Bobby Darin